sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

W8 Speech - Lesson 182

Listen and Complete the Dialogue

-Did you hear the news?
-Can you believe that?
-He wants to spend time with his family
-Is he having a farewell party?
-Do we need to bring anything?
-I guess I'll see you there.

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  2. Complete with

    1. Traded
    2. To retire
    3. Settling
    4. Retired
    5. Settled
    6. To trade

  3. Rewrite the sentences
    1. If she had called us earlier ...
    2. Wouldn't you be upset too if you gad been laid off
    3. He had traded all oh his ...
    4. I wouldn't have known she had so much talent if she wouldn't had got that internship
    5. All of the guests had already settled into ...
    6. I don't think they would had liked the movie very much.