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W8 Speech - Lesson 190



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  1. Vocês podem me falar a ordem correta do texto ? "organize the text"

    2012 Honda CR-V Review

    Review Last Updated: 10/9/13
    These scores and this review are from when the car was new.
    Critics' Rating: 9.2
    Performance: 7.8
    Interior: 8.3
    Safety: 9.7

    How we calculate scores
    Research analyzed for this review
    Winner: 2012 Best Affordable Compact SUV for Families
    Pros & Cons
    Comfortable seating for five
    Standard rearview camera
    Plenty of interior storage
    Antiquated navigation system
    Outdated powertrain
    Research Other Years
    2014 Honda CR-V
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    The 2012 Honda CR-V’s main goal is to be an excellent family vehicle and test drivers say that's exactly what it is.

    The Honda CR-V is completely redesigned for 2012. It has more standard features, better fuel economy ratings, an updated powertrain and better storage than before. Reviewers think these tweaks make the CR-V an even more competitive crossover SUV.

    Among the list of interior updates are a standard USB port, rearview camera, Pandora Internet radio interface, Bluetooth and voice text messaging, which is an impressive list for this class, and should help families who are constantly on the go. However, despite these updates, reviewers are still distracted by the CR-V’s optional navigation system. It’s the one thing they ding nearly every Honda model for, calling it outdated and confusing. It's one option on the CR-V that you may want to skip.

    Test drivers also add the CR-V’s engine and transmission to the list of adjustments they wish Honda had made. Despite a few tweaks, the engine is the same one available last year, and reviewers wish for an optional V6 or turbocharged engine to remedy the CR-V’s slow passing abilities. They also crave a six-speed automatic transmission, which would spice up performance a bit, but only a five-speed is available.

    Still, the 2012 Honda CR-V excels at being a family vehicle because of its good safety scores and utility, which is why the 2012 CR-V is our Best Affordable Compact SUV for Families. The automotive press call the cabin one of the most spacious and comfortable in the class, and are impressed with its large, easy-to-load and easy-to-organize cargo area and the new center console that stretches from the back of the front seats to the dashboard. For these reasons, reviewers say the CR-V is one of the best picks in the class for shoppers with a growing family.

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      6. c

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